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How to Raise My Credit Card Limit

How to Raise My Credit Card Limit

You often come across a situation where you might feel that your credit card limit is insufficient, and you may seek out ways to increase your credit limit. Achieving an increase in your credit card limit may not seem as much of an accomplishment. However, it still deserves recognition and respect, especially if you are just getting started in credit or are in the process of improving upon a bad credit score after having trouble with debt in the past. It is always exciting when your efforts pay off, and you feel validated for all of the efforts that went into building up good financial habits in recent years.

A higher credit limit can be great for your score and improves your purchasing power, as long as you don’t go on a shopping spree and use up all the new money. Credit utilization is 30% of the total limit. It affects your scores if you utilize more than 30%. For example, if your credit limit is $1,000, you must spend $300 or less to maintain a good credit score. This way, your credit utilization ratio would remain within the acceptable range. If this number goes beyond your credit utilization threshold, your credit score will go down.

If you utilize your credit card responsibly, your limit may be raised automatically. Many banks review accounts periodically, usually once per year or more. If they see that individuals have been diligent with their finances, they are inclined to revisit the credit limits of those particular customers.

Credit card issuers are changing the way they offer and increase their credit limits. Some will only increase your limit if you ask, but others let customers request an increased amount from their online account. Some even make it easy by providing a toll-free number on which you can opt for an automated call or speak with one of their customer service representatives who can help you out. Other companies let users request an increase in their credit limit directly from their website – you can look for a menu item called “request new limits” and increase your credit limit.

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