Our Team

Morgana Dickson

Morgana Dickson


Morgana has worked alongside unions, foundations, and institutions in bringing social justice to people who need them prior to forming chi-cash-advance. She now leads the company in bringing inclusivity to the world- regardless of societal background, ethnicity, and religion.

Annabel Samuelson

Annabel Samuelson


Annabel oversees the daily operations both for in-office and our remote writers. Her mantra in life is to believe that finding happiness in what we do is the real reward any work could give us- her mantra that also became our company’s.

Matt Teel

Matt Teel

In-house Counselor

Matt has worked many faith jobs across the states before joining our team and often travels alongside Christian communities. He joined our team in hopes of reaching more people by sharing his ideals when it comes to religion and spirituality.

Kaylani Rowe

Kaylani Rowe

Senior Writer

Kaylani possesses a Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies and is simultaneously working as a professor and a lecturer. She gives valuable insights on each topic that touches cultures and societies.