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Thank you for considering a gift to DVUSA!
Your help will allow us to meet an urgent need in a ministry site serving at-risk youth, refugees, victims of domestic violence, families experiencing homelessness, and more!

Option 1Become a Torchbearer below by signing up for an ongoing monthly donation (preferred) or contributing 12 months’ pledge all at once (renewal letters will be sent annually). Any amount is welcome, and you can opt out any time by contacting DVUSA.

For just $20/month (or $240 renewable annually), get a set of 4 glass Dominican beer mugs (click for photo) with etched shield and mottos!

For just $10/month (or $120 renewable annually), get a DVUSA Performance Fleece (click for photo)!
Option 2 Not ready to be a Torchbearer? Though the matched gift is only for renewable support, we are still very grateful for one-time gifts, and that is available below.

 Yes,  I would like to become a Torchbearer for Dominican Volunteers USA and contribute towards the matched gift. I understand my credit card will be charged or checking account withdrawn about the 18th of each month if I choose "Monthly" below, or I will be sent renewal letter annually if I select a "One-time" donation of 12 months' support, and that I can opt out any time by contacting DVUSA at

Please only choose one option below:

      Please do not send any gifts and use my full donation for the program's needs.

 Please send me the Dominican beer mugs ($20/month or $240 anually)!

 Please send me the DVUSA Performance Fleece ($10/month or $120 annually)!

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            Please allow 6-8 weeks delivery for any promotional items.

 No, I do not desire to be a Torchbearer at this time, but please accept my one-time gift to DVUSA. 

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You will receive a written acknowledgement of your gift by mail from the Dominican Volunteers USA office.
A receipt will also be e-mailed to you upon hitting SUBMIT.

The board, staff, and volunteers of DVUSA thank you for your support!

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