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Secure Online Donation Form

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Support Hogar Infantil

You can help us provide the children of Hogar Infantil La Gloria with a secure home and stable environment by making a One-Time Donation or by pledging to make a regular contribution as a Monthly Sponsor.

One-time Donation: Any amount
Your support allows us to employ round-the-clock caregivers, pay utilities, and provide for the many incidentals that arise when raising 50 children.
Monthly Donation: Any amount
We rely on the security provided by our montly donors. A pledge of any amount helps us to maintain the stability of our children's home.
Basic Sponsorship: $100/month
Covers the food, medicine, and educational expenses for a single child for one month.
Full Sponsorship: $350/month
Covers all of the regular expenses that arise in caring for a child and maintaining the home where she lives.
Family Sponsorship: $1,000/month
Allows us to keep a family of three siblings together, a true blessing for children with no other family.

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